Safety Barricades

Vector Visibility has designed, developed and manufactured barricades for a variety of workplace settings. With 3MTM Diamond GradeTM Reflective Sheeting providing day or night visibility and setting up in seconds, our versatile safety barricades are a necessity to any emergency or construction scene. Whether on Vector’s exclusive barricade or hitch mounted warning system, we can print any color, pattern or message to meet your safety needs. All barricades are built industrial tough with aluminum and stainless steel construction, designed to be set up for quick deployment. Accessories are available, including led lights and traffic batons. Free standing barricades come standard with a carrying handle, baton holders, and weighted legs that resist tipping. This barricade folds flat for storage to a thickness of only 3 inches. Hitch mounted warning system is compact and provides a temporary reflective marking. It has a quick connect system so that your vehicles can be equipped instantly. Our complete line of barricade systems is made exclusively in Canada.

Vector Visibility now constructs Municipal and Provincial Barricades for construction zones and road closures. Made to required specifications.

Do you have existing barricades you would like to upgrade with 3MTM Diamond GradeTM Reflective Sheeting? Contact Vector Visibility Solutions to retrofit your existing signage or equipment.