Be Safe. Be Seen. High Visibility Markings and Barricades

Public and worker safety in your business is paramount and it is our goal to design high visibility products to give your workforce and the public the maximum protection possible.

The 3MTM Diamond GradeTM Reflective Sheeting provides high visibility to work zones in low light conditions. In addition to superior nighttime retroreflectivity, the sheeting’s highly conspicuous fluorescent technology garners added visual attention during the hours of dawn, dusk, daytime and in inclement weather.

Our highly visible vehicle markings, also known as conspicuity markings, use the high-performance prismatic retroreflective technology developed by 3MTM. Conspicuity markings are used as a safety enhancement to make commercial vehicles more noticeable and prevent accidents. You can find our highly visible vehicle markings on:

  • Fire trucks;
  • Police cars;
  • Medical emergency vehicles;
  • Construction barricade signage.

We take great pride in knowing that our highly visible vehicle markings meet and exceed all commercial safety requirements in North America.

Ask Us How to Advertise with Safety in Mind

Because we understand that no two customers are alike, we can design fully customised and branded conspicuity markings and barricades to your specifications in the language of your choice. These can be installed by any of our qualified installers across Canada.